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Why should I join NSA Illinois?

Ask any member! Fantastic educational opportunities, networking and relationship building at the local level are key to building a successful speaking business. Membership will help you learn ways to grow your business, give you a platform to discuss issues that affect your business, and help you to create affiliations with associations and other organizations to expand even more. Each year, the NSA Illinois board works to add new benefits for members.

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What membership categories do you offer?
We offer two ways to participate in NSA Illinois.

  1. NSA-IL MEMBER: Membership in NSA National is required. As a member of NSA-IL, you’ll receive an array of new benefits, including access to many that are for members only.
  1. NSA-IL ASSOCIATE: Open to anyone, this participation option provides access to a limited number of events and activities.

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Am I required to belong to NSA National to join NSA Illinois?

Yes. If you would like to be a Member of NSA Illinois, you must first join the national association. This is true if you are an emerging speaker, a veteran speaker -- or somewhere in between.

If you do not wish to join NSA National, you may join NSA Illinois as an Associate.

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Am I qualified to join NSA National?

The National Speakers Association used to require that members prove a minimum level of compensation and/or number of presentations delivered to qualify for membership. These qualifications have been eliminated, and anyone is free to join NSA.

Full national membership now has 3 levels:

  1. Essential ($525) – Open to anyone for anyone, income level requirements must be met to participate in networking groups.
  2. Advanced ($950) – Includes everything in Essential membership, plus NSA Digital Vault, an annual speaking fee survey report, and implementation sessions following two NSA webinar series.
  3. All Access ($3,700) – Includes everything in Advanced membership, plus tickets to INFLUENCE, the winter conference and more.

Learn more about the new national membership levels and what you receive here.

How much does it cost to join NSA Illinois as a Member vs. an Associate — and what do I get?

Whether you participate as a Member or an Associate, you’ll receive loads of value and support to grow your speaking business.



Must be a member of NSA National


Can identify yourself as a “member” of NSA-IL


Participation in all VIRTUAL NSA-IL Events (A $319 Value)



Discount for IN PERSON events (Discount amount TBD) (A $120 Minimum Value)

 Member Discount

Associate Discount

Discount on Speaker Academy tuition (Discount amount TBD) (A $200 Minimum Value)

Member Discount

Associate Discount

Invited to volunteer on committees

May serve as a chair/co-chair of a committee


May serve on the NSA-IL board


May attend members-only events (Book Club, Brain Exchange, etc.) (A $400 Minimum Value)


Eligible for Member Spotlight opportunities (A $500 Minimum Value) *More to come on this exciting new opportunity for members!


Included in Speaker Directories (A $500 Minimum Value)


Included in Speaker Showcase events (Members get priority access) (A $500 Minimum Value)

Availability may vary

5 free guest passes to use at any NSA-IL virtual event (A $145 Value)


1 guest pass to use at applicable NSA-IL in-person event (except Speaker Academy) (A $49 Minimum Value)


Participate in Q&As with Speaker Academy guest instructors (A $294 Value)


May attend “Path to Speaking Success” Events -- designed to help Associates grow into full NSA membership (A $294 Minimum Value)

Total Value:



Membership Fee:



Instant Discount for NSA National Membership:



Your Investment Today:



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How long is a participation term?

Member and Associate participation terms run from July 1 to June 30.

When you join NSA Illinois today as a Member or Associate, your dues will be prorated accordingly, and your participation term will end on June 30. You will be invited to renew your participation as a Member or Associate on July 1.

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I am not currently a Member or Associate of NSA Illinois. May I attend your events as a guest?

You may attend up to two public events as a guest. If you would like to continue participating - and we hope you do - you will be invited to join as either a Member or Associate.

Send an email to Christy.Moore@nsa-il.org if you would like to receive email notifications on events open to non-Members and non-Associates.

I am a vendor who works with professional speakers, but I am not a speaker myself. How can I participate?

The Associate category is for you! Participating in NSA-IL in this capacity will allow you to attend numerous events, where you can network with our Members and other Associates. It also qualifies you to volunteer on committees if you'd like to showcase your skills and build valuable relationships for your business.

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