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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I join NSA Illinois?

Ask any member! Fantastic educational opportunities, networking and relationship building at the local level are key to building a successful speaking business. Membership will help you learn ways to grow your business, give you a platform to discuss issues that affect your business, and help you to create affiliations with associations and other organizations to expand even more. Each year, the NSA Illinois board works to add new benefits for members.

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How do I become a member of NSA Illinois?

To become a full member of NSA Illinois, you must first qualify for and join the National Speakers Association. That means meeting and verifying one of these requirements during the 12 months before you apply:

  • You have earned $25,000 or more giving presentations to live audiences of 15 or more (regardless of the number of engagements).
  • You have received compensation for 20 or more presentations to live audiences of 15 or more
  • You have given 20 or more presentations to live audiences of 15 or more as part of a salaried position.

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What counts as a paid presentation, and how do I document these?

A paid presentation is one where you receive a fee. Compensation for travel, hotel stay, etc., is not accepted as a form of payment. Product sales also do not qualify as a fee. You must receive a monetary payment.

  • Use tax documents, testimonial letters, check stubs, or similar items to confirm your speaking engagements.
  • If your job description includes speaking, you can quality for membership. Document this with a letter from your supervisor or a job description.

What are the benefits of joining the National Speakers Association?

Visit the NSA website page that outlines the rewards you’ll receive as a member.

Do speakers and trainers who present as part of their salaried positions qualify for membership?


  • Speakers who make a minimum of 20 presentations a year to audiences of 15 or more people as part of their salaried positions qualify.
  • Speakers who contract with seminar companies, corporate trainers, college-level or full-time adjunct faculty members, and teachers who speak outside the classroom for a monetary fee all meet the speaking criteria.
  • Teaching a college-level, lecture-based class can satisfy membership requirements. Include a copy of the contract with the institution that employs you, a copy of the curriculum and/or adequate documentation of class size and number of presentations provided with the membership application.

What if I don’t yet qualify for “full” membership?

NSA Illinois has a place for you, too. Join our chapter as an “emerging speaker.” Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Educational and inspirational programs and webinars, and social events, at the reduced member rate
  • Opportunities to mingle and network with top speakers
  • The chance to serve on committees, have fun and build deeper relationships with professional members
  • Up to two years to apply for full NSA membership (saving hundreds in national dues until you’re ready)

You’ll pay the same annual dues as a member: only $240.

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How does NSA help prospective members qualify for membership?

NSA encourages developing speakers through access to programs and educational materials designed for the professional speaker. Non-qualifying speakers can attend NSA’s national meetings, subscribe to Speaker Magazine and see information provided on its website.

NSA Illinois sponsors the Speakers Academy twice a year. This six-week course has all the information you need to understand the business of speaking. Created and taught by professional presenters, this program offers the “inside scoop” on how to be successful in the speaking business. 

If I qualify, how much does it cost to be an NSA/NSA Illinois member?

NSA national dues are $540 initially, and $465 per year to renew. NSA Illinois chapter dues—for professional and emerging speakers—are $240, renewable annually on July 1. You will receive an annual membership renewal notice a month before the fee is due.

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