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Most Frequently Asked Questions About NSA-IL

How do I become a member of NSA-IL (National Speakers Association-Illinois Chapter)?

To become a member of NSA-IL, you must also qualify for and join NSA at the national level. You need to fulfill and verify one of these requirements during the 12 months prior to application:

  • Earned income from a minimum of 20 fee-paid professional speaking engagements.
  • Made a minimum of 20 presentations to audiences of 15 people or more as part of your salaried position.
  • Earned a minimum of $25,000 in professional speaking income.

What counts as a paid presentation, and how do I document them?

A paid presentation is one where a fee has been received. Compensation for travel, hotel stay, etc. is not accepted as a form of payment. Product sales also do not qualify as a fee. You must receive a monetary payment.

  • Tax documents, testimonial letters, check stubs, or items of that nature will suffice to confirm your speaking engagements.
  • If it is in your job description to speak that would qualify you for membership. Documentation, however, is requested. A letter from your supervisor or a job description is acceptable.

Do speakers who present as part of their salaried positions qualify for membership?

  • Speakers who make a minimum of 20 presentations annually to audiences of 15 people or more as part of their salaried positions qualify.
  • Speakers who contract with seminar companies, corporate trainers, college-level or full-time adjunct faculty members and teachers who speak outside the classroom for a monetary fee all meet the speaking criteria detailed above.
  • Teaching a college-level, lecture-based class can satisfy membership requirements if a copy of the contract with the institution of employment, a copy of the curriculum and /or adequate documentation of class size and number of presentations are provided with the membership application.

If I qualify, how much does it cost to be an NSA/NSA-IL member?

The NSA National dues are $600 initially, and $425 per year to renew. The NSA-IL chapter dues are $240 and renewable annually on July 1. You will be sent an annual membership renewal notice a month before your annual membership fee is due.

What are the benefits of joining NSA-IL?

Ask any NSA-IL member! Fantastic educational opportunities, networking and relationship building at the local level are of monumental importance when building a successful speaking business. Membership will help you learn how to grow your business, give you a platform to discuss issues that impact your business and help you to create affiliations with associations and other organizations that will help you expand even more. Each year the NSA-IL board works to add new benefits for its membership. Click for a list of member benefits.

How do I join NSA (National Speakers Association)?

  • Fulfill one of the requirements listed in the first paragraph, upper left.
  • Submit verification documentation for speaking engagements.
  • Sign a professional code of ethics.
  • Submit one recent color glossy photo.
  • Send your completed membership application to NSA headquarters.
  • For more information, visit www.nsaspeaker.org.

What are the NSA membership benefits?

As a member you will receive 10 issues a year of the NSA Professional Speaker magazine along with the monthly CD series, Voices of Experience. You will be listed in the website directory, which is updated monthly. There is also an NSA designation that members can earn called the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). NSA offers members discounts on group insurance plans, Airborne Express, National Car Rental and a discounted membership rate at NSA-IL events.

How does NSA help prospective members qualify for membership?

NSA will continue to encourage developing speakers through ancillary programs and access to educational materials designed for the professional speaker. Non-qualifying speakers will be able to access NSA’s educational materials by attending NSA’s national meetings, subscribing to Professional Speaker magazine and accessing information provided through the NSA website.
NSA-IL sponsors Speakers Academy, a six-week course providing all the information you’ll need to understand the business of speaking. Created and taught by professional presenters, this program offers the “inside scoop” on how to be successful in the speaking business.